Major Partners

Major Partners 2

The Foundation for Learning Equality, this not-for-profit organisation, was started up by a group of university students in San Diago, USA.  Their initial focus was to create an off-line version of Khan Academy however their professionalism and dedication attracted the enormous amount of funding required for them to develop their very impressive Kolibri platform.  This platform enables on-line users to contribute to the rapidly growing warehouse of educational material already available for use offline.

Major Partners 3

World Possible is another not-for-profit organisation. They developed the RACHEL server (Remote Area Computer Hotspot for Education and Learning), that works in a similar way to our Teacher in a Box servers. As part of their project they have gathered an enormous amount of open license educational content and made it freely available to all.

World Possible is one of the major content providers for our Teacher in a Box (RACHEL) build.

Major Partners 4

The Rotary Club of Devonport North in Tasmania (D9830) put their support behind Tasmanian agricultural scientist and Officer of the Order of Australia recipient, Bruce French, who had spent over 30 years on a voluntary mission to document information on all the food plants of the world.

Food Plant Solutions delivers self-sustaining solutions to hunger, malnutrition and food security in countries throughout the developing world.

Major Partners 5

Thanks to the generosity of the contributors to the LEO network who allowed us to create an offline version of their website for Teacher in a Box

Major Partners 6

Thanks to Fantastic Phonics for generously allowing us to use their very popular software on Teacher in a Box